Where Can I Get Help?

Since our team at Conquer COVID-19 first came together on March 19th, we have collected and re-distributed hundreds of thousands of items of PPE and other supplies. At the beginning of May, we wrapped up our PPE Drives and have since redistributed all donated items to organizations in need. On May 29th, we concluded our fundraising efforts through merchandise sales and monetary donations, and shifted our focus to procuring PPE to fulfill the hundreds of requests for help we received, and for proactive distribution across the country. 

While are no longer receiving requests for PPE, following are organizations that have PPE available for sale.

Disclaimer: The resources listed on this site are for general information purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by Conquer COVID-19 to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) form the sources noted.

Entripy has PPE for sale, including masks, face shields, gowns, coveralls, goggles, and hand sanitizer. The company specializes in orders of all sizes, with local availability in 48 hours. Quote “Conquer COVID-19” for locked in Conquer COVID-19 pricing.

Contact: [email protected]

Safe Direct Medical Supplies
Safe Direct Medical Supplies has created an online portal that is strictly for front line workers. All PPE listed in their catalog is in stock and ships the next day from Toronto. They also provide transparent pricing so you can see exactly what they pay manufacturers for PPE. 

Ontario Together
This online resource created by the Ontario Ministry of Health includes information on resources where you can sell medical supplies, find personal protective equipment (PPE), solve problems, or volunteer to help protect against COVID-19.

Prime Boiler
Alberta-based Prime Boiler has hand sanitizer for sale. There is no minimum order size. Local availability in 48 hours.

Contact: [email protected]